Monday, September 15, 2008

As If Anyone Cares

Finally… a blank paper. I have a notebook, but this vexing condition makes it easier to write by typing. Naturally, my laptop is 1) in America and 2) rather broken… but I found a keyboard still. So what if it’s French ?

Got scrubbed last night. Lost about 10 lbs. of dead skin, felt great ! Man you guys are missing out.

Still a little flared up… I am still mad dizzy and my left side is somewhat numb. But it doesn’t keep from puffing, even during Ramadan.

New gig : Pigier. Seems alright, though Frenchy. Also salary is not fixed, but rather related to the number of students. Sure.

Next: to throw down on some film and put up some good pictures. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

Keep trying I am watching you bro