Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jingle Bulls...

Wow... Check this... Thick clouds and snow in the Grand Canyon... The world is crashing. Finally.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Double-Sided Stone

The idea that multiple sclerosis may be caused by some form of
infectious agent is supported by several interesting observations.
On the Faroe Islands prior to 1920, MS was essentially unknown.
Subsequent to the invasion of British troops, the incidence of MS
increased dramatically.

It occurs to you later that the moment of learning is inevitably transformative, intrinsically so, apart from all the other crap you learn later.

Anyway, the logical flaws in the composition of this article are interesting. Never mind the clear conclusion that the only MS was brought by the British. The critical premise regards the desire to be aware. Dismiss the popular urge to prevent, to avoid....Then why this neoPuritanism? Can we not embrace our life in safety and moderation? But I relinquish my stump. I question the fundamental utility of this research. (I am satisfied with my fatalism, though I understand the curiosity. But look! Ain't fuck-all to be done about what has happened to me, what I lost, what was taken. It fucked up a good thing, and I'm still a shade bitter. But things are not bad right now.) Consider these two relatively diametric positions.
This is the first I have heard of symptomatic relief.
Then there is the other one which regards a putative cause of the condition. My question is: what now? Just keep taking your meds and quit whining.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Interstitial Pudding

What stretches on with infinite patience, sprawling between moments, what attenuates to translucent obscurity, though you may try and try to engrave such grasping words, are they not but written in the clouds? What else can possibly sustain you? It is (hopefully) enough to strive for the most meager moment of emotional release, inasmuch as the starving man may be sustained by the thinnest of broth... In the desert the merest drop of water will be an opportunity for celebration, or at least the climate is fierce enough to demand your notice of this.

Now that I've signed over a chunk of my identity, or surely some subtly momentous change has come any rate I feel a shade more peaceful than when I was working there.


Today has already been productive. All you ever need is one day.

I wonder who reads this... Probably no one.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Profound puzzlement

Of course I have an idea how to overcome this. But I am wasting time doing it regardless, because I am telling you about it now. Anyway...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grinding Socialization

This is what you can expect from raising the name "living room" to its bracing reality. There are always people around, and one hopes to enjoy the company of as many of them as possible. Feeling well, just typically dizzy and a bit tired. Slept well last night: it's a comfy sofa. Hmm, they're booting me off again... This is no way to get the least shred of work done.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Only a Brief Time Ago

Sandy skin, auburn eyes downcast in sad resignation... Behija.

Nta douib, Moussa, and there's nothing can be done about it.

Ana douib? Kifash douib?

Fransawi réynard.


But no answer. My fate was already sealed by an untouchable gorgeous woman. Her friend with the giant dark eyes, wide and solemn, was Awadtef. Feelings, it meant. They were from Beni Mellal.