Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Interstitial Pudding

What stretches on with infinite patience, sprawling between moments, what attenuates to translucent obscurity, though you may try and try to engrave such grasping words, are they not but written in the clouds? What else can possibly sustain you? It is (hopefully) enough to strive for the most meager moment of emotional release, inasmuch as the starving man may be sustained by the thinnest of broth... In the desert the merest drop of water will be an opportunity for celebration, or at least the climate is fierce enough to demand your notice of this.

Now that I've signed over a chunk of my identity, or surely some subtly momentous change has come any rate I feel a shade more peaceful than when I was working there.


Today has already been productive. All you ever need is one day.

I wonder who reads this... Probably no one.


Da'oud said...

Hi Matt. I read your blog whenever I can to see how you are doing. I am married now to a wonderful sister and I am very happy. It's no excuse but I have been busy moving to a 2 bedroom apartment in the little town next to Staoueli called Bouchaoui. We are settling in to married life and looking for jobs somewhere in the Middle East with the idea of starting in the middle of 2009. I miss you and I hope you are never forgetting that Allah tests those He loves the most with trials in this dunya.

E. K. Gordon said...

One day can indeed shift a life. Reflection and testifying make that one day undergird the many others...