Friday, April 6, 2007

A Fluffer-Nutter

>From: "J**** L**" >To: m*****@******.fr
>Subject: wtf?>Date: Fri, ** *** 2007 16:10:56 -0400>

>Hey, thanks for answering my ad on craiglist.
Sure. Warmed your cockles, I'm sure.

>I think you were about the only sane person.
Ha! Interesting assumption.

>I finally got around to looking at them and ended up>deleting all but 2 or 3, so you've got a little bit of>competition for me *hint
Ooh! Stir my masculine possessiveness! Hot!

We should start off chatting on my webcam.
...But we won't.

>You don't need to have one.
Good, I don't want one.

I'm a total exhibitionist so>it'll be a good time.
For you. It must be rough in the real world.

I like to be watched,
No surprise there. You feel ignored and belittled, don't you?

and the occasional>complement helps.
I am sure you have an active imagination, and that your hair iswell-conditioned. However, your spelling is atrocious.
>I'm a little sensative about how tall I am! Here.

Which doesn't connect, so forget it. Awww....

>see if you can handle me! Look forward to chatting!
Give me a break. Another insecure, paranoid, egocentric Western woman, like so many, fearful of intimacy and germs, embracing technology's promise ofanonymity that echoes your own empty heart. Prove me wrong.

So why did I answer you in the first place? I am not from this city, and I've been in another country for the past two years. So I know no one here. (Hell, you're probably in New Mexico, for all I know.) I thought this route might lead to an actual person, but I was misled. I had forgotten how alienated many women are from your own culture.
even though I was born here. You won't understand this.) No wonder many American women marry M****ans so easily; women are easily seduced by their gallant charms compared to the material greed and distrust offered by Western men. It's really quite admirable, considering how they backstab each other. The M****ans, that is.

But you're not interested in any of this. You'd rather be remotely drooled over by fools, then masturbate in self-congratulatory, sterile bliss, the Dirty Boys trounced by their own weakness. So enjoy your victory.


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