Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Fluffer-Nutter

Unfortunately, you're not a real person. I wonder who those pictures are?
>From: "Amy Carter" <cheerfulskirt@hotmail.com>>To: m*******@hotmail.fr>Subject: Hiya, I'm just now catching up on emails>Date: Tue, Apr 2007 18:08:18 -0400>>Hey, cutie thanks for answering my ad on craigslist.
Whatever.Who are you anyway? This is very mysterious.
>My computer broke down and I finally called the Geek Squad or>what ever and it was very embarressing because my house was a mess and
Blah, blah...
>the guy was really cute and most definitely not a Geek,>well goes to show why I'm still single.
No, you're single because you're hopeless.
>My computer is alive now and>I wasn't sure if you were still interested in meeting me.
No. I only meet people who exist in real life.
>I'll attach some recent pics. Other than that, What are you up to?
Answering your insane email, in an equally pedantic fashion.
>How about tonight for a chat? Well I hope to hear back from you>because I could really go for a little bit of spice in my life,>if you know what I mean.
How about nutmeg?
I can be a real flirt online>but need a few drinks in person, so we need to chat soon.
NEED? Ooh, a damsel in distress.
>Well, ok, I guess you're good enough to see my pics,Ah, the sweet embrace of privilege.>but don't show them to anyone! Promise?>http://www.picturesplace.net/amy107
>I think you'll really like some of the pics I have up especially after the>protection.Yeah, that "protection" is hot!
Mercy? Wow, are you ever barking up the wrong tree.
>Just don't spank me too hard when you see what a bad girl I am...LOL!
Mercy? Wow, are you ever barking up the wrong tree.
>Well I have to get back to catching up on emails from my friends,>but get ahold of me on my photo page!>>see ya,>Amy :)
Or whatever your name is, if you even have one. Not bloody likely.
On the other hand, the photos are real.

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